Who are we?

Typhoon Computing is a Zurich, Switzerland based company that is specialized on making your High Performance Computing requirements a reality while ensuring long-term maintainability and stability of your codebase.

Our Mission

As a result of the limitations of CPUs, High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware has shifted and is shifting towards accelerator based microchips (currently NVIDIA Tesla and Intel MIC). The HPC community is under increased pressure to utilize the emerging architectures in order to garner high performance. As a result we’ve seen an explosion of software libraries being brought to the market by vendors such as Portland Group, CAPS, Intel and NVIDIA – however the trends in software tend to shift every few years, yet most frameworks lock programmers onto certain architectures if hardware is to be used efficiently. This opens up a dilemma: HPC software tends to be either (a) specifically optimized for one hardware architecture or (b) running inefficiently.

Our mission is to enable our customers with HPC needs to run their tasks efficiently on accelerator hardware while not locking them in on specific architectures. Our experience in HPC software has given us just the right insight in order to achieve this mission for our clients. We want to achieve this goal through consulting as well as our own toolset.

Our Edge

Our solutions offer the following winning combination:

  • high performance
  • high productivity with
  • minimal learning required.

What we propose is high performance using a powerful intermediate representation that enables advanced fine tuning, high productivity by using a high level abstraction that is interactive and user guided and no learning by using advanced static analysis in order to suggest the appropriate measures or auto generate parts of the solution where possible.
We strongly believe that our experience in this field as well as our ideas and already developed tools for solving these problems, such as Hybrid Fortran, will give us a competitive edge in the HPC consulting and software development market.

Michel Müller, Founder

  • Graduated from ETH Zurich in 2012 as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
  • Master thesis written as guest at the Gordon Bell price winning Aoki Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • Speaker at the GPU Technology Conference 2013 hosted by NVIDIA in San Jose, California.
  • Four years of experience as a Software Engineer at ATEGRA AG Switzerland.